Our Philosophy

It all started as a way to brand tactical gear, making things, music, video games and all things using your hands to create.

With our wicked and sometimes twisted sense of humor, we do reviews, tactics, design t-shirts and home decor.

Our Story

While sitting car to car with the "Encyclopedia Barbarian" we wanted to make a brand that encompasses everything we love. From that conversation we thought of "Finger Strong" a catch all for shooting, making things, music and video games. All things that use fingers we thought. "Keep that Finger Strong!".

After buying (after obtaining my wife's permission of course) we started the long slow process of making videos about tactical gear and firearms, then we started to design Amazon Merch T-shirts.

From there we started to get into making wooden signs and vinyl decals.

Who knows where Finger Strong will end up one day. Stay Tuned!




President, Head Honcho, Boss, da Man, CEO

Part Time Ninja

Part Time Pirate

Full Time Full of Crap

Ask me anything

Contact me via email, Instagram or Facebook for any questions, custom designs or tactical gear review.